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founded 1981


North Weald, Epping, Essex

Founded 1981 as a brewing offlicence under the name Pitfield, although there appears to have been a break in brewing in the late 80s. All beers are said to be suitable for vegans and are organic (apart from those sold under the "Epping" brand).

For some time was merged with Premier Ales of Stourbridge, who for a while took control of the brand name.

Brewing at Pitfield Street in Hoxton, Greater London ceased in early 2006 due to the lease running out, with beer production moving to Custom Beers. In Mid-2006, a new brewery was opened in Great Horkesley. In 2012, following a takeover, the name changed to Dominion brewery, though more beers are still produced under the Pitfield name than branded as Dominion.

110 Real Ales recorded

(plus 3 aliases)