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founded 1982


Chilton, Sudbury, Suffolk

Founded 1982 by ex-Watney's brewer Peter Mauldon. Peter's family had its own brewery in Sudbury in the late 18th century, until it was sold to Greene King. At Watney's Mortlake brewery, Peter was allegedly one of the culprits responsible for the infamous Watney's Red Barrel. It has to be said that he undoubtedly saw the light when he set up his own brewery. Anybody who visited the brewery while Peter was running it will be familiar with his famous fish swimbladder which he always used to illustrate his description of the fining process.

The brewery was sold in February 2000 to Steve and Alison Sims, both of whom long worked for Adnams in Southwold. One major change Steve and Alison made was to change Peter's policy of doing a lot of blending; all beers are now straight brews, so the beer portfolio was cut back. The beers have also had new formulations. Moved to the new site in 2005.

99 Real Ales recorded

(plus 4 aliases)