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Earl Soham

founded 1984


Debenham, Suffolk

Earl Soham brewery was originally a brewpub at the Victoria in Earl Soham, founded 1984, moved to nearby new premises in 2003. Moved to the present location in 2013.

Cliff Quay brewery was founded in association with Earl Soham at the beginning of 2009 in the historical Cliff Quay brewery in Ipswich, where Tolly Cobbold and before them Cobbold's had brewed for over two centuries. When the part of the old brewery Cliff Quay were using was demolished, production was temporarily contracted out until a new brewery was built in September 2012.

Having been co-located and closely-related, the two operations were effectively merged in 2014, though it seems likely the two names will continue to be used.

46 Real Ales recorded

(plus 3 aliases)