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Liverpool, Merseyside

Originally established 1850 then taken over by Higsons, who themselves were swallowed up by Boddington's and eventually Whitbread. Now brewing independently again since 1991. Rescued from closure in 2002 by the Dusanj brothers, who are believed to be the first Asian family to run a British brewery. The brothers were featured on a very interesting Radio Four programme about their history and the brewery in 2005.

There was some controversy when the company was wound up in a pre-pack insolvency and the Dusanj brothers then bought it back cheaply whilst leaving creditors and shareholders to take big losses.

In May 2013 they announced the suspension of brewing with the loss of 38 jobs, so that the Dusanj brothers could redevelop the brewery site. Beer may be produced elsewhere in the near future.

64 Real Ales recorded

(plus 6 aliases)