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Beermad mobile 2 for Android

Available free from Google Play

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With over 1000 British Real Ale breweries producing more than 10 000 beers every year, there's never been a wider range of ales available in our pubs. No wonder thousands of beer-lovers keep a record of the beers they've sampled.

Beermad mobile 2 for Android is designed to make keeping those records even easier. Whether you're a hard-core scooper or someone who just likes to try a variety of ales and keep a note of them, it's designed to make your life easy.

You can record (and show) as much or as little about each beer and brewery as you want. The list below shows what you can record; you choose what to use, only the brewery and beer names have to be recorded.

Please note that this app does not come pre-loaded with a beer database. The beer list will be empty until you start putting beers in yourself.


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Brewery information

Beer information

If you keep ratings, you can have a colour bar on each brewery page, giving an indication of how good or bad you've found the brewery's beers to have been (with optional alternative colour-scheme for colour-blind people.

Your existing beer list can be imported into Beermad mobile using a CSV file. All information is kept on your Android device and can be exported from the app either as a CSV file or a Beermad export file (suitable for keeping backups or copying beers to another Android device).

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