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founded 1790


Lewes, East Sussex

Founded 1790. The brewery must be one of the loveliest examples of a Victorian Tower brewery in the country.

Harvey's beers are very distinctively-flavoured. It's a matter of great regret for Beermad that, as a Sussex-born boy, he absolutely hates the flavour of them. It's not that there's anything wrong with them - quite the contrary - but the distinctive flavour is just not to his taste even though he has a great respect for Harvey's Beers.

It was reported that the brewery was seriosely damaged in the floods of October 2000, with a suggestion that the brewery's well may have been either contaminated or destroyed. Fortunately, it was possible for brewing to recommence sooner than expected and Harvey's ales are again available.

Apprently brewery tours are so popular that there's a 2 year waiting list!

According to the first edition of the Good Beer guide it was 'Difficult to find real ale.'

45 Real Ales recorded

(plus 12 aliases)